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Lucy Gates

Postdoctoral Researcher in Epidemiology

After a period of clinical work as a musculoskeletal Podiatry Advanced Practitioner Lucy was awarded a position as an Arthritis Research UK intern. Following this she completed her doctoral degree at the University of Southampton. Lucy's doctoral research, funded by an Arthritis Research UK fellowship, formed part of body of work to predict outcomes of knee arthroplasty. Her particular work focused on the use of foot and ankle assessment to determine these outcomes and involved the development of a novel foot and ankle assessment protocol.

Lucy is currently undertaking a postdoctoral epidemiology position within the Arthritis Research UK Centre for Sport, Exercise & Osteoarthritis. Her research interests include the development of outcome measures, in particular for the foot and ankle, and the early risk factors for knee and hip osteoarthritis, specifically physical activity and injury. Her work to date has seen her lead several international consensus studies. She is currently the co-project lead on an international cohort collaboration for an individual patient level meta-analysis on the association of physical activity and lower limb osteoarthritis, as well as the association of osteoarthritis and mortality.

Lucy continues to collaborate with Southampton University on epidemiological foot and ankle studies. She is also part of a project team working with Southampton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust on a study, in collaboration with the England and Wales Cricket Board, to determine the prevalence of osteoarthritis in retired professional cricketers.