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Martin Holt

Research Grants Manager

As the Grants Manager of NDORMS, myself and the team have the responsibility to ensure all external grant opportunities are presented to the appropriate teams and the current award portfolio is correctly managed.

NDORMS submit approximately 300 grant applications per annum to a wide variety of funders both nationally and internationally. To ensure all of these are managed correctly, I work closely with many of the funders and sponsors and alongside Research Services ensuring all contracts and agreements are correct and are acceptable to all parties.

Within the Department we work closely with all the academics, ensuring they are all aware of potential funding opportunities on the horizon and co-ordinate the funding schemes. With the increasing complexity and higher requirements with the application process the team work alongside the Communications and the Information Governance Teams. In addition to this the grants team have a strong working relationships with the Institute Managers and the Personnel team ensuring all aspects of the awards are co-ordinated. 

I am actively involved in developing potential links to early career researchers within the academic community and linking their interests with NDORMS academics. For further information on this scheme please visit the following page

In 2016 I was invited to join the Athena Swan Self Assessment Team to assist with the renewal of their application and to advance the departments mentoring programme.

Grants Team

Grants Team
Grants Team