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Nasim Zargar

Honorary Departmental Product Development Scientist and Senior Production Manager

My work is focussed on the design and development of novel medical devices and the translation of these products from the research lab to the clinic. Since 2012 I have held a postdoctoral research position with professor Carr, working on the design and development of Biopatch and Bioyarn, two biomimetic implants developed for soft tissue repair. By stimulating the endogenous repair of tendons using biophysical cues this new generation of implants promises to improve the clinical outcome of tendon surgery. The preclinical evaluations of Bioyarn and Biopatch have now been concluded and both products are expected to enter the clinical trial phase in 2016. In addition to my research, I oversee the manufacturing of Biopatch and Bioyarn in accordance with GMP standards and I am responsible for obtaining the regulatory approval for clinical trials and CE marking.

Prior to working on the Biopatch and Bioyarn projects, I obtained my DPhil from the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. My thesis was focused on the role of mechanical loading and growth factor therapy in tendon regeneration. 

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