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Ruth Harman

Personal Assistant to Professor James Wright

I am PA to James Wright, Professor of Orthopaedics at NDORMS. I provide administrative support for his clinical responsibilities and his research into the advancement of evidence-based methodologies in orthopaedic surgery.

I studied Biochemistry at Manchester University, spending my third year at pharmaceutical giant SmithKline Beecham. I then moved to Imperial College, London, where my Ph.D. focused on the development of novel cancer therapeutics using recombinant antibody fragments. Since completing my doctorate, I have devoted my career to the communication of scientific ideas – in both a PR agency setting and in the classroom as a secondary science teacher. I have worked with a number of clients in the areas of science, conservation and education. These include the government’s flagship research facility Diamond Light Source, conservation charity The People’s Trust for Endangered Species and award-winning multi-sensory maths teaching resource Numicon. 

Having taken a career break to look after my young son, I am delighted to be immersing myself back into the world of science. 

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