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Shih-Hsuan (Ray) Mao


DPhil student

Tissue Regeneration and Healing

I graduated from medical school at National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, in 2012 and continued my postgraduate year and surgical residency at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkuo, Taiwan. I completed the 2-year general surgical training and 4-year training in plastic and reconstructive surgery. After my surgical training in 2020, I was promoted to a consultant surgeon in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkuo, and specialised in burn critical care, trauma, microsurgery, and hand surgery.

For plastic and reconstructive surgeons, we have devoted significant efforts to restoring patient functions and wish for balanced tissue homeostasis. But unfortunately, we barely conquer fibrosis or encourage tissue regeneration. To uncover the potential regenerative potential and decrease fibrosis in humans, I join Professor Jagdeep Nanchahal's group and work on promoting endogenous tissue regeneration in 2021.

My current project is to decipher how HMGB1 orchestrates the cell-cell interplay and promotes tissue regeneration. By incorporating state-of-art technologies, such as spatial transcriptomic or human organoids, we expect to uncover cellular or molecular targets that could translate into clinics.