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Tracy Boakye Serebour


DPhil student

  • Dphil in Musculoskeletal Sciences
  • Member of the University of Oxford Global Surgery Group
  • Rhodes Scholar (Ghana & Green Templeton, 2022)

An aspiring Orthopaedic Surgeon with an interest in the application of computational biology systems in the musculoskeletal Sciences.

My research focuses on the knee, delivering a comparative single-cell and molecular portrait of degenerative soft tissue joint diseases through the lens of an ancestrally inclusive healthy musculoskeletal tissues data set. I am doing this work under the supervision of Associate Professor Sarah Snelling, Associate Professor Adam Cribbs, Dr. Mathew Baldwin, and Professor Angeliki Kerasidou.

This work seeks to deliver a comprehensive, assessment of the landscape underpinning degenerative soft tissue joint diseases that is representative across diverse ethnicities. This mixed methods project is applying computational systems such a single-cell RNA seq, CRISPR etc. and seeking to understand the ethical challenges and barriers to collection of ethnically diverse musculoskeletal tissue. It is hoped that through this work, it will drive revolutionary development and testing of effective treatments for inflammation-driven ‘degenerative’ soft tissue joint disease.

Prior to moving to Oxford, I completed my medical education and transitioned into a one-year Orthopaedic Surgery program at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology where my research focus was on developing and establishing guidelines to appropriately respond to atraumatic paediatric spinal cord injuries without radiographic abnormalities especially amongst young girls in China. 

In my spare time, I enjoy playing basketball, reading, and collecting vinyls of my favourite records.