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Kinzah Abbasi

Trial Coordinator

Oyindamola Ajisegiri

Research Assistant (Histology)

Nazian Alphonso

OCTRU Database Officer

Hana Andrew

Research Assistant in Immunology

JoyAnn Andrews

Personal Assistant to Professor Udo Oppermann

Duncan Appelbe

Senior Research Information Specialist

Elizete Araujo

Laboratory Technician

Juan Arroyo

Laboratory technician in inflammation and cancer

Leyla Aznaran Lesma

Clinical Trials Data Entry Clerk / General Assistant

Warren Baker

Laboratory Research Technician

Lesley Ball

Clinical Trials Assistant

Juliana Ballaminut

Research Nurse/Research Coordinator

Nicola Barclay

Research Assistant in Health Data Sciences

Odeta Bareckiene

Tissue Biology Co-Ordinator

Heather Barnes

Clinical Trial Manager

Joseph Barrett

Clinical Research Network Programmer

Elisa Basso

Clinical Trials Manager

Vicky Batchelor

Research Assistant

Nicholas Beale

Clinical Trial Manager (ORiF)

Debra Beazley

Clinical Research Nurse (Human Tissue Collection)

James Bezer

Clinical Phenotyping Assistant

Rebecca Blackmore

Clinical Trial Data Entry Clerk/General Assistant

Emma Blackmore-Bowes

Clinical Trial Manager

Laura Blenkarn

Laboratory technician

Mimi Bogale

Clinical Trial Manager

Tina Bohstedt

Research assistant

Gretchen Brewer

Research Study Coordinator

Clare Brittain

OCTRU Head of Pre-Trial Operations

Jo Brown

Clinical Research Co-ordinator

Anju Chalin

Clinical Trials Coordinator

Katie Chegwin

Personal Assistant to Professor David Beard

Lina Chen

Research Assistant

Harry Claireaux

Honorary Research Assistant

Elizabeth Conroy

OCTRU Lead Statistician

Rhiannon Cook

Research Assistant (Histology)

George Corby

Clinical Phenotyping Assistant

Nirvana Croft

RRIO Study Manager (Maternity Cover)

Hannah Crook

Trial Coordinator

Julie Damnjanovic

Personal Assistant to Prof. Nigel Arden

Sarah Davidson

Postdoctoral Researcher

Sue Davolls

Executive Assistant to Prof Duncan Richards (Director of OCTRU)

Amy Dawson

Research Nurse

Jennifer De Beyer

Research, Training, and Publication Manager

Isaac Dennis

Laboratory Technician

Ruth Devaraj

Project Manager and Executive Assistant

Kylea Draper

Trial Manager

Charlotte Drodge


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