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Oxford Trauma and Emergency Care

Meet the PPI team

Richard Grant

Richard Grant

  • Background in science methodology, experimentation and explanation through several years’ teaching Science [main Biology] in a multicultural secondary comprehensive school.
  • Worked with and represented communities as an elected county councillor where education, health and social issues were significant.
  • A strong advocate for PPI, and ‘involved’ as a PPI team member of a number of different research projects. Participant in projects encouraging PPI and in training people to develop these skills.
  • A member of Warwick Medical School UNTRAP, Oxford NDORMS Trauma Centre and GP surgery PPG.
  • A NIHR reviewer of research proposals.
  • I am a guide at a local stately home and at Coventry Cathedral  
Liz Baird

Liz Baird

An English teacher by training, Liz has worked in libraries and archives for many years, and is currently the archivist at Wolfson College, Oxford.

She’s travelled widely, and worked in various countries. She loves languages, music, books, and snorkelling, and is also hooked on knitting. She’s married, with 2 children, and a cat.

She says: ‘I had an awful wrist fracture some years ago and I’m now a gratefully recovered patient. I’m pleased that my PPI involvement offers me the chance to give something back.’

Jenny Gould

Jenny Gould

A few years ago I had a number of orthopaedic operations at the NOC, all very successful,  for which I will be forever grateful.

I have a background in stress management and psychotherapy and  I’m particularly interested in the psychology of pain, especially how the language used by clinicians can impact pain and recovery. Four years ago I was asked to become a PPI here in Oxford.  Since then I’ve been involved in many trials, including WHiTE (major hip fracture trial),  and  both upper and lower limb JLA PSPs (Priority Setting Partnerships), which asked patients, carers and clinicians for their top research questions in those areas.


Iona Price

In 2014 I joined the Royal College of Physicians Patient and Carer Network and became a member of the National Hip Fracture Database and Fracture Liaison Service Database advisory groups working with the Falls and Fragility Fractures Audit

Programme (FFFAP). This work introduced me to further PPI involvement with the

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, working on several hip fracture rehabilitation projects. In 2018 I helped set up the FFFAP Patient Panel which I chaired for the first year. In 2019 I joined the Oxford Trauma PPI group.


Deb Smith

I am someone who has their own multiple health issues and has supported quite a few people through their orthopaedic journeys of one kind or another. I have been doing public and patient work for quite a few years in many parts of the country. I feel that I have contributed valuable insights and I enjoy learning and working alongside others 


Nick Welch

He has served in a similar capacity on the East Midlands Major Trauma Network Board, and was a panel member at the ARMA session of the BOA Congress in Belfast in 2016.

In October 2015, Nick was appointed as an International Ambassador for the Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health of the Bone & Joint Decade (now G-MUSC).

Nick has presented papers at a range of UK medical conferences, has contributed to research workshops around the UK, and is an Antibiotic Guardian.

He was a member of the BOA’s Patient Liaison Group, retiring from the Chair at the end of 2014, where he co-authored the BOA’s patient standards.