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Launch day was the end of Phase 1 of the website and the beginning of Phase 2.

Information on launch

Thank you everyone who provided information already. This launch wouldn't be possible without you!

  • The website is fully integrated with Symplectic (University research information system and publication database) and publications are updated every 24 hours. If you have publications, but your profile is not showing them, please check your Symplectic account. If you don't have an account, please see here.
  • To update your profile, go here.

    Please note this is your PROFESSIONAL PROFILE and should be treated as such. Please refrain from disclosing personal views or linking to social media spaces where this may happen. You can read the University's policy on social media usage here.

  • If you didn't make it to the photo sessions, please let us know; we're organising a few other slots later in the month.
  • Currently, under Research you'll see a full list of our research groups. We're working on our themes for Phase 2, to facilitate navigation and bring cohesion to our research. Read more here.
  • We will be adding to the Events list in the coming week; if you have any upcoming event you wished listed, please let us know.

Edit your profile

It is important you fill in your profile page, if you haven’t already.

To edit your page, simply log in with your University of Oxford single-sign on details (Log in, top right corner of NDORMS website).

You can see full instructions here.

Any problems or if you need any help, please email Jo Silva.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will see regular updates to the website. We envisage to finish phase 2 by the end of the year.

We will work on content optimisation and refinement, as well as platform access to your page(s) so you are able to edit your own group pages. Training will be provided for this.

We will also be adding more images and videos.


We will be doing a strategic review of our themes and how best to represent them on the website; we will keep you posted on this as we appreciate it's important.