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Scott Small

Tracking progress - Scott Small 

Our research work focuses on developing methods for remote patient monitoring to assess recovery following knee replacement surgery. Using wrist-worn activity trackers, we aim to understand surgical recovery in terms of patients' ability to return to their normal routines and desired activities.

Arani Vivekanantham

Big data studies in the development of psoriatic arthritis and its complications  - Arani Vivekanantham

Arani is an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow which allows her to combine a research career with her clinical work as a doctor specialising in rheumatology. Arani’s research aims to improve the care and lives for people living with psoriatic arthritis using routinely collected healthcare data. Currently she is investigating which people with psoriasis develop psoriatic arthritis with the aim to develop a prediction model to support early diagnosis and treatment of people with psoriatic arthritis. She is also looking at the safety of the first line treatments used in people with psoriatic arthritis and other medical problems. We would greatly appreciate your thoughts and inputs on this research and look forward to hearing from you.