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Ben Dean

Ben Dean - Towards better treatment for people with base of thumb osteoarthritis 

 Leila Heelas

Leila Heelas - The experiences of people attending a pain rehabilitation service and do patient reported measures predict outcome of treatment?

My research has two aspects; firstly, I am interested in understanding peoples’ experiences of receiving psychologically informed physiotherapy and their experience of treatment in a pain rehabilitation unit. I will interview patients and ask participants to discuss their experiences in small groups.

The second part of my research involves looking at Patient Self-reported Outcome Measures. These are questionnaires which aim to measure a patient’s experience of living with a health condition. In pain services they measure a number of aspects of experience such as impact on function, emotional wellbeing, and sleep. I plan to use statistics to find out whether there are any measures before treatment that predict the outcome of treatment and to see if there are any characteristics which might apply to a group of participants. For example, some studies have found that people with specific characteristics such as higher levels of disability respond better to pain rehabilitation.

Facilitator - Natalie Ford

Natalie Ford

Natalie is Outreach and Engagement Officer for NDORMS and will be introducing the speakers and asking your questions.  Please let her know on if you have any questions that you would like to submit in advance.