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NDORMS provides opportunities for biochemistry undergraduates to perform their fourth year research projects in a thriving academic environment.

biochemistry research projects at NDORMS

As part of the biochemistry undergraduate course in Oxford, students will perform a research project in year 4 of their course. This will enable them to gain experience in an academic research environment over the course of a 23 week project that they design and implement under the guidance of a supervisor.

Information for supervisors

As a supervisor of a biochemistry research project you must be committed to supervise an in-depth project (23 weeks + 2 weeks write-up). Please read the Guidance for Supervisors for more information.

Briefly, as a supervisor you must ensure that:

  • The research project consists of original experiments and/or data analysis and is appropriate for the time frame.
  • Access and training for equipment necessary for the project is provided.
  • You (or someone you have delegated) can provide necessary support and guidance throughout the project and can meet regularly with the student.
  • You are able to provide critical feedback on the student’s written work.

If you are interested in hosting a biochemistry student for a research project, the project needs to be advertised on the Chooser system (part of canvas). For this to happen, please fill in the project description form and send directly to the biochemistry research office - email the completed form to Once the project is approved you will be given access to Chooser at which time you can add your project details to the system.

If you have a project in Chooser, you will be contacted directly by the Biochemistry teaching office to update and re-publish in subsequent years.

Key dates for 2024 biochemistry research projects

Michaelmas term 2023: Projects are sought from supervisors and uploaded to Chooser.

Hilary term week 2 2024: Students receive talks from potential supervisors (if you have provided a project and would like to give a talk please email Nia Roderick at the Biocemistry Teaching Office:

January 30th @ 2pm 2024: Students will be visiting NDORMS for a tour of the buildings/labs.

Hilary term week 7 2024: Students submit their preferences and the office begins to coordinate allocation.

Michaelmas term 2024: Projects begin.

Information for students

NDORMS is a thriving research environment with a large team of researchers that has expertise in a broad range of areas, including orthopaedic surgery, inflammation, immunology, rheumatology, medical statistics, epidemiology, data science and clinical trials. Research spans discovery and translational science and as such is able to offer a breadth of research projects to biochemistry students within the department. Specific projects that are being offered by supervisors in NDORMS are available to view on Chooser so please refer to the system to find specific details.


Any questions? Please contact Nick Ilott.