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Kennedy Trust Prize Studentships

To be eligible for these projects, your application must be complete by noon on Friday 3rd December 2021. Please see the 'How to Apply' section for further details.

ID Title Supervisors Phase End date
KIRC1 Metabolism in inflamed immune microenvironment Alex Clarke, Claudia Monaco 2022 KIR Clinical 3 December 2021
KIRC2 Exploring the cellular contribution of fibroblasts and chondrocytes in osteoarthritis pathogenesis Tonia Vincent, Christopher Buckley, Stefan Kluzek, Jolet Mimpen, Sarah Snelling 2022 KIR Clinical 3 December 2021
KIRC3 Ultra-high throughput analysis of immunoglobulin repertoires in acute HIV infection before and after initiation of antiretroviral therapy Lynn Dustin, John Frater 2022 KIR Clinical 3 December 2021
KIRC4 Deciphering host microbe interactions in inflammatory bowel disease Fiona Powrie FRS, Claire Pearson, Holm Uhlig 2022 KIR Clinical 3 December 2021
KIRC5 Investigation of neutrophil-vasculature interactions Irina Udalova, Raashid Luqmani, Lihui Wang 2022 KIR Clinical 3 December 2021
KIRC6 Dissecting site-specific drivers of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Kim Midwood, Stuart Winter, Thomas Layton 2022 KIR Clinical 3 December 2021
KIRC7 Tissue-resident CD8+ T cell and fibroblast cross-talk in juvenile idiopathic arthritis Mark Coles, Christopher Buckley 2022 KIR Clinical 3 December 2021