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Director of Graduate Studies Afsie Sabokbar wins Lifetime Achievement at 2021 Teaching Excellence Awards.

Horizontal portrait of Afsie Sabokbar

The Teaching Excellence Awards celebrate excellence in teaching, supervision, the organisation and development of teaching, and support for teaching and learning. Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) Afsie Sabokbar was the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of her unwavering commitment and passion for postgraduate research student development, training and support over nearly two decades. 

On receiving the award, Afsie said “This award means the world to me; I am in a very privileged position to have the opportunity to interact with the senior PIs and PGR students to advise them on their supervision opportunities and successful completion of milestones, respectively.  Although, this exceptional award is given to me personally, I must add that I could not have been able to achieve what I do, without the support of my academic colleagues in the Graduate Studies Committee and outstanding administrators; the departmental Graduate Studies Office & Graduate Student Association, to all of whom I am truly indebted to. I have always wanted for NDORMS to be one of the leading departments at Medical Sciences Division regarding training provision for students and supervisors, and if permitted, I envisage to do so for a few more years yet. Finally, my special thanks to Professors Claire Edwards and Andrew Carr, for nominating me for this Excellence Award and for the wonderful supportive comments provided by students, senior PIs and Director of Graduate School, Professor Rob Gilbert, at Medical Sciences Division.”

Afsie started working at NDORMS in 1994, studying the biology of osteoclasts in depth with regards to various pathological bone disorders. In 2002 she became Director of Post-Graduate Studies. During her time at NDORMS she has worked with students, researchers and admin staff at all levels. There were no shortage of people who contributed to her Lifetime Achievement nomination!

“I have worked with Afsie Sabokbar for 17 years in NDORMS. I can think of nobody more deserving of the Divisions Lifetime Achievement Award in Teaching Excellence. Her dedication to the education and welfare of our post graduate students has been nothing short of amazing at all times.” – Senior Academic

“I write to express my full and enthusiastic support for Afsie Sabokbar’s nomination for a Lifetime Achievement award. I have worked with Afsie for almost 15 years at all levels of education – undergraduate biomedical science, medicine and postgraduate (MSc and DPhil), and have at every stage marvelled at her energy, commitment and wisdom. She is a tireless advocate of all elements of education – not just the ‘doing’ of knowledge or skill attainment, but also pastoral support, mentorship and coaching; she has thereby generated a community of scholarship that I think is truly unique.” – Senior Academic

“Afsie really did go the extra mile to support us students. In her words, “we are all her children”. She always had an open door and was there, not only to listen but also to actively find solutions and provide support to us. Afsie had our back and cared, in the good moments and the difficult ones.” – Former DPhil student 

“Afsie believed in me and it was Afsie that really pushed me to reach for my potential, and her support and advice as DGS was truly life-changing for me. I will always hold Prof Afsie in high regard, she is a truly selfless and compassionate Director of Graduate Studies, and is always eager to go above and beyond to ensure grads at the department have a meaningful educational experience and are well supported throughout.” – Current DPhil student 

“I can confidently say that I would not be where I am without Afsie.” – Current DPhil student

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