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The family of Terry Barber visited the Botnar Institute for Musculoskeletal Sciences today to present a cheque for £350 in his memory.

Laura Coates and Jo Barber

Terry suffered from Psoriatic Arthritis and the family's donation will go towards further research into the cause and prevention of the disease and how it might be treated in future.

Jo Barber, one of Terry's two daughters said: "Dad was very much a family man and loved spending time with his wife, daughters, sister and grandchildren. He loved his fishing, he had a great sense of humour, and he once played darts professionally. But the disease stopped him doing many of his hobbies as it got worse over time."

One of Terry's hobbies was fishingOne of Terry's hobbies was fishing

Terry's wife Linda said: "We chose to collect donations for Psoriatic Arthritis in Oxford because Terry would have wanted to help others that had it, especially the children who might have it all their life."

Laura Coates, NIHR clinician scientist and senior clinical research fellow recently launched a new international research study that aims to improve quality of life for Psoriatic Arthritis patients. She said: "We are grateful to the family and all those that gave donations in Terry's memory. This support can make a difference in our research of this disease."