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Angela Truesdale, who has retired from her role as Head of Administration at NDORMS will be fondly missed by all her colleagues and across the division.

Angela Truesdale

At a farewell event to celebrate Angela's outstanding achievements, Professor Andrew Carr, Head of Department said: "Today we say a fond goodbye to our wonderful and amazing Head of Administration Angela Truesdale. After 23 years at NDORMS, Angela is finally being allowed to retire and enjoy a new phase of life at a different pace."

Angela has been at NDORMS since 1998, overseeing its growth from a 20 person department to a vibrant workplace of almost 500 staff and students today. During this period the department has built three Botnar Institute wings and the new Kennedy Institute after its transfer from London.

"We thank you for helping us all along on this incredible journey," said Andrew. "We wouldn't be the same without you and will miss your wisdom, kindness and pragmatic solutions. Angela once said at a work event: "I always made sure I held the door open for those coming in behind me.

"I'm sure you will all join me in wishing Angela all the best for the future in the knowledge that she leaves not only a door but a large, thriving and happy department behind her."

Angela was presented with gifts from the department and said: "I cannot believe that my retirement date has finally arrived. It was wonderful seeing so many at my retirement party. Helen, Maria, Sonja and the Botnar Facilities team worked very hard to organise it and set everything up to make for a memorable and enjoyable event. I would like to express my thanks for all the kind words and warm wishes I have received."

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