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NEOPANC-01 is a window of opportunity study looking to assess gene expression in patients with resectable pancreatic cancer. It aims to evaluate the utility of whole transcriptome RNA sequencing as a potential biomarker for future window-of-opportunity trials that will assess existing and/or new treatments for pancreatic cancer. An understanding of the variability in the transcriptomic signature between biopsies will also inform power calculations for future studies. Lastly, the data generated will be available for use as historical controls for future studies. 2 sets of biopsy samples will be taken throughout the trial. Firstly during an endoscopic ultrasound procedure and then again, up to 6 weeks later, during the patients surgery to remove the cancer. Once all patients have been recruited, the mRNA from the samples will be sequenced and analysed. Further samples will also be taken at the same time points for storage into a biobank and for use in future research. This is a single site study opening at the Churchill Hospital looking to recruit 10 patients over 18 months.

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