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The OCTOVA study has completed recruitment and will now begin its follow-up phase.


Breaking news - the OCTOVA trial successfully completed patient recruitment on 02Jan2020!

"Reaching our recruitment target of 138 patients has taken 3.5 years and has been a great team effort. We would like to say a big thank you to all the investigators and patients at our participating sites."

OCTOVA is a randomised trial comparing the activity of the PARP inhibitor, olaparib, alone or in combination with cediranib, with weekly paclitaxel in women with relapsed ovarian cancer. Women with or without a BRCA mutation and those who have previously received PARP inhibitors have been included in the trial. The associated sample collection will permit future research to analyse further who responds to PARP inhibitors alone and in combination.

The trial will also compare patient reported outcomes to examine the quality of life in women taking oral daily tablets at home versus weekly infusions in hospital. It is expected the primary endpoint analysis will take place in 2020 and a link to the results will be posted on the OCTOVA website once available.