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This half day course is an opportunity for potential and new Chief Investigators to learn from experts in the clinical trials field on key topics that are vital in running successful clinical trials. 

course overview

  • Sebastian Hearmon, Head of Internal Communications, HBK World Communication and Culture
  • Clare Calvert, Head of Pre-Trial Operations, OCTRU- So you have a funded trial - what are the next steps to opening?
  • Dr. Vicki Barber, OCTRU Operations DirectorEffective trial management – recruitment and retention 
  • Prof. Jonathan Cook, Professor of Clinical Trial Statistics, OCTRU - Key statistical issues in trial design, conduct, and analysis
  • Dr. Joanna Black, Head of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, OCTRU - Regulatory requirements - trial classifications, SOPs, documentation, inspections, audits and keeping compliant
  • Prof. Duncan Richards, CLIMAX Professor of Clinical Therapeutics - Experience from the coal face


Refreshments will be provided.


For further details, please contact:


additional afternoon workshop

An additional workshop ran by Prof. Sally Hopewell, Applying the INCLUDE guidance to your trial: ensuring diversity and inclusion for all in trials, follows this session. See further details here. Attendance is optional but recommended. Lunch will be provided for those who stay for the afternoon session (pre-registration required).