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The Surgical Intervention Trials Unit (SITU) is a team of surgical investigators who are providing trial management support, and a training and development hub for surgical trialists within the UK.

SITU is a centre of excellence for the design and management of trials involving, or dedicated to, surgical procedures.  SITU welcomes trials which aim to answer important surgical questions or problems in the UK and worldwide.  The SITU team has a strong clinical research identity but includes methodologists, statisticians and allied health research staff in addition to surgeons/clinicians. In the process of managing and conducting rigorous trials SITU aims to contribute to the science of surgical trial design, outcome measurement, and the practicalities of surgical / interventional trial management.

SITU provides consultancy services, including practical and academic support to government, charity and commercially sponsored clinical trials. Assistance to investigators can be provided in the planning, design, initiation, process and conduct, data collection, statistical analysis and reporting of  surgery based trials. 

In addition, SITU has received landmark status as one of the seven UK Royal College of Surgeons endorsed clinical trial centres and supports trials of all surgical specialities from urology to orthopaedics.

Our directors are Professor Freddie Hamdy, Nuffield Professor of Surgery and Professor David Beard, Professor of Musculoskeletal Sciences, representing the two collaborative University Departments (NDS and NDORMS) respectively.  To view all SITU's publications please see the publications page on the SITU website (


If you would like to discuss a potential surgical trial, please contact SITU on or call 01865 223491. Alternatively, please complete the SITU 'Expression of Interest' form which will then be reviewed by the SITU Management Team. (

Selected publications