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This is a multi-centre European Phase 1 study of MEK1/2 inhibitor PD-0325901 with c-MET inhibitor PF-02341066 in KRASMT and KRASWT (with aberrant c-MET) Colorectal Cancer Patients.

A Sequential Phase I study of MEK 1/2 inhibitors PD-0325901 or Binimetinib combined with cMET inhibitor PF-02341066 in Patients with RAS Mutant and RAS Wild Type (with aberrant c-MET) Colorectal Cancer

Primary Objectives

Dose Escalation Phase: To assess the safety and toxicity profile of PD-0325901 or Binimetinib/PF-02341066 combination in patients with advanced solid tumours using the NCI CTCAE V4.03, and determine the maximum tolerated dose (MTD).

Dose Expansion Phase: To investigate the response to treatment with RPII dose of PF-02341066 in combination with Binimetinib in patients with RASMT and RASWT/c-MET+ CRC.