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On a brisk spring day in April Cushla-Op lead, Julie Wood- endoscopy lead nurse and Denyze Roberts QA coordinator headed off to Southampton to visit the Southampton CRF.  Southampton CRF has been running for 20 years and  has an established endoscopy suite. We were hoping to gain invaluable knowledge for the development of our own endoscopy service here in the EMCRF.


After the usual rush hour traffic of any city in the UK we reached Southampton General Hospital with time for a quick coffee and a confirmation of what we wanted to get out of the visit.


On first impressions the CRF looked like any other busy ward with the hustle and bustle of people having a busy day at work. Only the research offices with multiple desks and shelves lined with folders and the reception desk gave a hint it was no ordinary ward. The Endoscopy suite when we got there, through the rabbit warren of corridors (it’s a far larger CRF than Oxford) had two  endoscopy rooms with a dedicated recovery room and a rather large storeroom which we were all slightly jealous of.


Southamptom CRF Front.jpg
Southamptom CRF

The hosting staff of Mal, Abigail and Jane were so very patient as they  answered our  multitude of questions whilst walking and talking us through their endoscopy suite. They were very accommodating with us taking  photos of  nearly every wall mounted notice and all the equipment possible. Luckily, they were happy to electronically share their SOPs and work instructions otherwise I may still be there photographing them all. After the headline tour of the endoscopy suite, we headed back out into the rabbit warren of corridors that make up the CRF and had a good look round and took away quit a few good practice ideas to implement in the EMCRF. 



With the tour and rush hour over it was a quick drive back up the A34 to Oxford, heads buzzing with ideas and an endoscopy suite to set up feeling a lot less daunting.