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The Team….finally!

At last, EMCRF have a team of more than just the Operational Lead.  Joining me in helping oversee the EMCRF activities is:

  • Mr Tha Htet – EMCRF Administrative Support Officer
  • Mrs Denyze Roberts – EMCRF Quality Assurance Coordinator
  • Mr Haidar Aljagham – Facilities Manager

Tha joined us in November, and is helping smooth out the administrative processes with in the unit by maintaining our portfolio management system. Whilst some further refurbishment work was on, Tha was stuck in the middle of the clinical areas, but he now has his permanent desk in the EMCRF reception area.   Tha has settled into the work routine and has taken to the clinical research environment with ease.

Denyze joined us on a casual basis for a few months before Christmas, but is now back on a more fixed basis.   Denyze is busy following us all around; risk assessing activities and helping build up and maintain our quality management system.  An Occupational Therapist by trade – she has a risk focused mind.  Denyze will help establish a safe and practicable work environment for the clinical research activities to proceed.

And everyone will know Haidar by now.  He started helping us when we were still moving equipment in and builders out in July 2021.   He’s helped ensure the building systems are functioning and, as with any building, initiates actions when they fail!  Haidar, and the rest of the NDORMS FM team are an invaluable part of our little EMCRF world.

Tune in when the spring flowers appear, as we may have expanded more.


Cushla, Denyze & Tha below (Haidar remains camera shy!)