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OBJECTIVE: To identify factors that may influence hand hygiene compliance by professional category and clinical department. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Use was made of concept mapping methodology, a tool that combines a qualitative analysis with a quantitative statistical analysis, in order to identify the most influential and important factors for the fulfilment of hand hygiene in 2 clinical departments (Infectious and General Surgery) of the Hospital del Mar. RESULTS: The study included a total of 42 volunteer professionals from General Surgery (6 doctors and 10 nurses) and from Infectious Diseases (11 doctors and 10 nurses) clinical departments, as well as 5 hospital porters. High correlations of influential and important factors for hand hygiene compliance were observed between nurses and doctors in the Infectious Diseases Department (r=0.93 vs. r=0.69, respectively). In contrast, the correlation was lower among surgical professionals (r=-0.17 for influence and r=0.51 for importance). Professionals identified the most influential factors in compliance as training and adequate resources, taking into account professional category and clinical department. CONCLUSION: The design of interventions to improve compliance with hand hygiene should take into account the perceptions of different professionals in order to adapt actions to each professional group.

Original publication




Journal article


J healthc qual res

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103 - 112


Actitud, Attitude, Control de infecciones, Focus groups, Grupos focales, Hand hygiene, Health personnel, Higiene de las manos, Infection control, Personal de salud