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PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Cost-effective care pathways are integral to delivering sustainable healthcare programmes. Due to the overestimation of coronary artery disease using traditional risk tables, non-invasive testing has been utilised to improve risk stratification and initiate appropriate management to reduce the dependence on invasive investigations. In line with recent technological improvements, cardiac CT is a modality that offers a detailed anatomical assessment of coronary artery disease comparable to invasive coronary angiography. RECENT FINDINGS: The recent publication of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellences (NICE) Clinical Guideline 95 update assesses the performance and cost utility of different non-invasive imaging strategies in patients presenting with suspected anginal chest pain. The low cost and high sensitivity of cardiac CT makes it the non-invasive test of choice in the evaluation of stable angina. This has now been ratified in national guidelines with NICE recommending cardiac CT as the first-line investigation for all patients presenting with chest pain due to suspected coronary artery disease. Additionally, randomised controlled trials have demonstrated that cardiac CT improves diagnostic certainty when incorporated into chest pain pathways. SUMMARY: NICE recommend cardiac CT as the first-line test for the evaluation of stable coronary artery disease in chest pain pathways.

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Curr cardiovasc imaging rep

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Angina, Chest pain, Coronary artery disease, Coronary computed tomography angiography