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Endolysosomes (EL) are known for their role in regulating both intracellular trafficking and proteostasis. EL facilitate the elimination of damaged membranes, protein aggregates, membranous organelles and play an important role in calcium signalling. The specific role of EL in cardiac atrial fibrillation (AF) is not well understood. We isolated atrial EL organelles from AF goat biopsies and conducted a comprehensive integrated omics analysis to study the EL-specific proteins and pathways. We also performed electron tomography, protein and enzyme assays on these biopsies. Our results revealed the upregulation of the AMPK pathway and the expression of EL-specific proteins that were not found in whole tissue lysates, including GAA, DYNLRB1, CLTB, SIRT3, CCT2, and muscle-specific HSPB2. We also observed structural anomalies, such as autophagic-vacuole formation, irregularly shaped mitochondria, and glycogen deposition. Our results provide molecular information suggesting EL play a role in AF disease process over extended time frames.

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Cell Press

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