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Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) processing has attracted substantial interest in the technological and pharmaceutical sectors in recent years. Given the complexity of the process, exploring new ideas for EHD electrospraying and electrospinning delivery is a challenge. In this article, the design, construction and testing of a portable handheld EHD multi-needle device are described to produce multifunctional particles and fibers. Solid and encapsulated polymer particles and fibers were generated in order to study the performance of the device. The intrinsic properties of the feed solution/suspension and the processing conditions were adjusted to ensure robustness of the process and give uniform and reproducible products, with diameters ranging from the sub-micrometer scale to a few micrometers. These products have a broad range of applications in many advanced industrial sectors e.g. drug delivery systems, wound dressing patches, low calorie food products and cosmetics.

Original publication




Journal article


Mater sci eng c mater biol appl

Publication Date





213 - 223


Biocompatible Materials, Drug Delivery Systems, Equipment Design, Hydrodynamics, Lactic Acid, Microscopy, Needles, Polyglycolic Acid, Polylactic Acid-Polyglycolic Acid Copolymer