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High-spin states have been investigated in the N-Z=22 nucleus 44Ti. A newly observed set of states with Jπ=6+ , 8 + , 10+ , and 12+ are assigned to be members of a band built upon an excited 0+ state. This band displays rotational-like level spacings, with a near-linear J(J+1) dependence. A third set of Jπ=8+ , 10+ , and 12+ states have also been tentatively assigned and a negative-parity intruder band has been extended to Jπ =13-. Comparisons with df-shell model calculations show a good agreement for both energy levels and branching ratios. These calculations indicate that the excited 0+ band is dominated by a mixture of 8p-4h and 6p-2h configurations relative to 40Ca.


Journal article


Physical review c - nuclear physics

Publication Date





643141 - 643147