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The results of 20 consecutive cases of bone defects of the hand treated by curettage and implantation of demineralized bone powder compare well with a similarly matched retrospective group managed with autogenous grafts and curettage alone. Results revealed "excellent" (16 patients) or "good" bone healing (4 patients) in the bone powder group on independent radiographic evaluation. Bone bridging was noted at an average of 9.9 weeks. All defects healed without recurrence, resorption or refracture, with follow-up of 4 to 36 months. In the conventionally managed retrospective group there was a 25% failure rate necessitating re-operation. Demineralized bone powder provides a rapid, safe and effective method of management of bone defects of the hand.


Journal article


J hand surg br

Publication Date





487 - 490


Adult, Bone Cysts, Bone Neoplasms, Bone Transplantation, Female, Follow-Up Studies, Fracture Healing, Fractures, Spontaneous, Hand, Hand Injuries, Humans, Male, Postoperative Complications, Powders, Prospective Studies, Radiography, Retrospective Studies