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Frequent microbiological profile changes are seen in subsequent-revision hip and knee arthroplasty for prosthetic joint infection

Journal article

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Cementing Techniques In Knee Surgery (CeTIKS): a UK expert consensus study.

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Cellular characterisation of advanced osteoarthritis knee synovium.

Journal article

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Prosthetic joint infection in the hip and knee

Journal article

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No exponential rise in revision knee replacement surgery over the past 15 years: an analysis from the National Joint Registry.

Journal article

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Revision total knee replacement case-mix at a major revision centre.

Journal article

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Recommendations from the ICM-VTE: General

Journal article

(2022), Journal of bone and joint surgery, 104, 4 - 162

Recommendations from the ICM-VTE: Trauma

Journal article

(2022), Journal of bone and joint surgery, 104, 280 - 308

Early results of fixed-bearing unicompartmental knee replacement designed for the lateral compartment.

Journal article

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