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Regulation of the Extracellular Matrix by Ciliary Machinery.

Journal article

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Mechanoadaptation: articular cartilage through thick and thin.

Journal article

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Prominin-1 controls stem cell activation by orchestrating ciliary dynamics.

Journal article

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Chondrocyte expansion is associated with loss of primary cilia and disrupted hedgehog signalling.

Journal article

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IFT88 influences chondrocyte actin organization and biomechanics.

Journal article

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Hedgehog signalling does not stimulate cartilage catabolism and is inhibited by Interleukin-1β.

Journal article

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The primary cilium influences interleukin-1β-induced NFκB signalling by regulating IKK activity.

Journal article

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Are cellular mechanosensors potential therapeutic targets in osteoarthritis?

Journal article

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A role for IFT88/the primary cilium in the inflammatory response to interleukin-1

Journal article

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Primary cilia elongation in response to interleukin-1 mediates the inflammatory response.

Journal article

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The role of the primary cilium in chondrocyte response to mechanical loading.


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Signal pathways regulating hyaluronan secretion into static and cycled synovial joints of rabbits.

Journal article

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