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Placebo comparator group selection and use in surgical trials: the ASPIRE project including expert workshop.

Journal article

Beard DJ. et al, (2021), Health technol assess, 25, 1 - 52

Findings from the patch augmented rotator cuff surgery (PARCS) feasibility study.

Journal article

Cook JA. et al, (2021), Pilot feasibility stud, 7


Conference paper

Ferreira M. et al, (2021), Internal medicine journal, 51, 29 - 29

Patch augmentation surgery for rotator cuff repair: the PARCS mixed-methods feasibility study.

Journal article

Cook JA. et al, (2021), Health technol assess, 25, 1 - 138

The Oxford Finger Nail Appearance Score - a new scoring system for fingernail deformity following paediatric finger tip trauma.

Journal article

Jain A. et al, (2021), J plast reconstr aesthet surg, 74, 94 - 100

Varus alignment of the proximal tibia is associated with structural progression in early to moderate varus osteoarthritis of the knee.

Journal article

Palmer JS. et al, (2020), Knee surg sports traumatol arthrosc, 28, 3279 - 3286

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