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A hand-held magnetic acoustic device with integrated real-time monitoring for targeted drug delivery

Journal article

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Ultrasound‐Triggered Delivery of Iproplatin from Microbubble‐Conjugated Liposomes

Journal article

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Scaleable production of microbubbles using an ultrasound-modulated microfluidic device

Journal article

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Studying Cavitation Enhanced Therapy.

Journal article

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Interactive Contouring Through Contextual Deep Learning.

Journal article

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Ultrasound mediated gemcitabine delivery reduces the normal tissue toxicity of chemoradiation therapy in a muscle-invasive bladder cancer model

Journal article

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Microstreaming inside Model Cells Induced by Ultrasound and Microbubbles.

Journal article

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Ultrasound Contrast Agent Modeling: A Review.

Journal article

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Microbubble Agents: New Directions.

Journal article

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