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IDO activation, inflammation and musculoskeletal disease.

Journal article

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Targeting early changes in the synovial microenvironment: a new class of immunomodulatory therapy?

Journal article

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Functional and phenotypic heterogeneity of Th17 cells in health and disease.

Journal article

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Conference paper

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TNFR signalling and its clinical implications

Journal article

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Lymphocytes: Precursor Frequencies

Journal article

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High-Affinity Fc Receptor Expression Indicates Relative Immaturity in Human Monocytes.

Journal article

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Harnessing the Therapeutic Potential of Th17 Cells.

Journal article

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Proliferative monocyte frequency is associated with circulating monocyte prevalence.

Journal article

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HUVEC co-culture and haematopoietic growth factors modulate human proliferative monocyte activity.

Journal article

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CD74: an emerging opportunity as a therapeutic target in cancer and autoimmune disease.

Journal article

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Modulation of toll-like receptor function has therapeutic potential in autoimmune disease.

Journal article

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