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Runs of homozygosity and testicular cancer risk.

Journal article

Loveday C. et al, (2019), Andrology, 7, 555 - 564

Anti-androgens regulate amino acid-mTORC1 signalling and extracellular vesicle secretion to modulate prostate cancer progression

Conference paper

McCormick K. et al, (2019), Clinical & experimental metastasis, 36, 167 - 167

Psychosocial impact of undergoing prostate cancer screening for men with BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations.

Journal article

Bancroft EK. et al, (2019), Bju int, 123, 284 - 292

Shared heritability and functional enrichment across six solid cancers.

Journal article

Jiang X. et al, (2019), Nat commun, 10

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