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Autophagy orchestrates the crosstalk between cells and organs.

Journal article

Piletic K. et al, (2023), Embo rep

Adipocyte autophagy limits gut inflammation by controlling oxylipin and IL-10.

Journal article

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Differential effect of lactate on synovial fibroblast and macrophage effector functions.

Journal article

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The central role of DNA damage in immunosenescence.

Journal article

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Age-related mechanisms in the context of rheumatic disease.

Journal article

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Role of autophagy in immune aging

Conference paper

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Polyamines Control eIF5A Hypusination, TFEB Translation, and Autophagy to Reverse B Cell Senescence.

Journal article

Zhang H. et al, (2019), Mol cell, 76, 110 - 125.e9

Translational Control of TFEB and Autophagy via eIF5A rejuvenates B cell Immunity

Journal article

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Multi-OMICS analyses unveil STAT1 as a potential modifier gene in mevalonate kinase deficiency.

Journal article

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Mitochondria: An Organelle of Bacterial Origin Controlling Inflammation.

Journal article

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Mutations in signal recognition particle SRP54 cause syndromic neutropenia with Shwachman-Diamond-like features.

Journal article

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Therapeutic Modulation of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells in Experimental Arthritis.

Journal article

Nehmar R. et al, (2017), Arthritis rheumatol, 69, 2124 - 2135

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