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John P. O'Brien: 2020 ISSLS Wiltse Lifetime Achievement Award.

Journal article

Samartzis D. et al, (2020), Spine (phila pa 1976), 45, 635 - 640

Association between physical activity and scoliosis: a prospective cohort study.

Journal article

Tobias JH. et al, (2019), Int j epidemiol, 48, 1152 - 1160

Jeremy Fairbank: 2018 ISSLS Wiltse Lifetime Achievement Award.

Journal article

Fairbank J., (2018), Spine (phila pa 1976), 43, 739 - 740

A self-organising biomimetic collagen/nano-hydroxyapatite-glycosaminoglycan scaffold for spinal fusion.

Journal article

Sharma A. et al, (2017), J mater sci, 52, 12574 - 12592

Infection and low back pain: seeking evidence or fear of exploring new indications for antibiotics?

Journal article

Artus M. et al, (2016), Eur spine j, 25, 3859 - 3861

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