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Improved sequence-based prediction of interaction sites in α-helical transmembrane proteins by deep learning

Journal article

Sun J. and Frishman D., (2021), Computational and structural biotechnology journal, 19, 1512 - 1530

DeepHelicon: Accurate prediction of inter-helical residue contacts in transmembrane proteins by residual neural networks

Journal article

Sun J. and Frishman D., (2020), Journal of structural biology, 212, 107574 - 107574

Improving Residue-Residue Contacts Prediction from Protein Sequences Using RNN-Based LSTM Network

Conference paper

Chen W. et al, (2019), 2019 international conference on machine learning and cybernetics (icmlc)

E-Index for Differentiating Complex Dynamic Traits

Journal article

Qi J. et al, (2016), Biomed research international, 2016, 1 - 13