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The discriminatory power of the T cell receptor.

Journal article

Pettmann J. et al, (2021), Elife, 10

Two-dimensional TIRF-SIM-traction force microscopy (2D TIRF-SIM-TFM).

Journal article

Barbieri L. et al, (2021), Nat commun, 12

The discriminatory power of the T cell receptor

Journal article

Pettmann J. et al, (2020)

Cell-cell interfaces as specialized compartments directing cell function.

Journal article

Belardi B. et al, (2020), Nat rev mol cell biol

A dynamic CD2-rich compartment at the outer edge of the immunological synapse boosts and integrates signals.

Journal article

Demetriou P. et al, (2020), Nat immunol, 21, 1232 - 1243

Model membrane systems to reconstitute immune cell signaling.

Journal article

Céspedes PF. et al, (2020), Febs j

Structural basis for RIFIN-mediated activation of LILRB1 in malaria.

Journal article

Harrison TE. et al, (2020), Nature

ImmGen at 15.

Journal article

Immunological Genome Project None., (2020), Nat immunol, 21, 700 - 703

Supramolecular attack particles are autonomous killing entities released from cytotoxic T cells.

Journal article

Bálint Š. et al, (2020), Science, 368, 897 - 901

Dissection of T-cell tolerance induction by dendritic cell surface glycoproteins

Conference paper

Dustin M. et al, (2020), Journal of immunology, 204

A checkpoint cliffhanger at the dawn of placental mammals.

Journal article

Dustin ML. and Zenclussen AC., (2020), J biol chem, 295, 4381 - 4382

RNA-Seq analysis of early transcriptional responses to activation in the leukaemic Jurkat E6.1 T cell line

Journal article

Felce SL. et al, (2020), Wellcome open research, 5, 42 - 42

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