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Rehabilitation to enable recovery from COVID-19: a rapid systematic review.

Journal article

Goodwin VA. et al, (2021), Physiotherapy, 111, 4 - 22

Psychometric Properties of the Proxy-Reported Life-Space Assessment in Institutionalized Settings (LSA-IS-Proxy) for Older Persons with and without Cognitive Impairment

Journal article

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Adrenaline to improve survival in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: the PARAMEDIC2 RCT.

Journal article

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Characteristics of L-PRP preparations for treating Achilles tendon rupture within the PATH-2 study.

Journal article

Harrison P. et al, (2021), Platelets, 32, 273 - 279

Factors associated with persistent opioid use after an upper extremity fracture.

Journal article

Shah RF. et al, (2021), Bone jt open, 2, 119 - 124

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