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Inductively coupled small self resonant coil (SSRC) reader antennas for HF RFID applications

Journal article

Soodmand S. and Brown TWC., (2017), Aeu - international journal of electronics and communications, 78, 32 - 40

Evaluation of HF Band NFC/RFID Antennas for Smart Shelf Applications

Conference paper

Soodmand S. et al, (2013), 2013 7th european conference on antennas and propagation (eucap), 1895 - 1898

Circular formed dual-band dual-polarized patch antenna and a method for designing compact combined feed networks

Journal article

Soodmand S., (2011), Aeu - international journal of electronics and communications, 65, 453 - 457

A novel circular shaped dual-band Dual-polarized Patch antenna and introducing a new approach for designing combined feed networks

Conference paper

Soodmand S., (2009), 2009 loughborough antennas & propagation conference

A new patch antenna for UMTS band: Narrow compact CPW-fed monopole

Journal article

Soodmand S. et al, (2006), Wseas transactions on communications, 5, 1247 - 1249

A novel printed dual band antenna structure operating at UMTS and HILPERLAN2 bands: Narrow CPW-fed sleeve monopole

Conference paper

Soodmand S. et al, (2006), 2006 7th international symposium on antennas, propagation and em theory, vols 1 and 2, proceedings, 245 - 248