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Recognition of Dimethylarginine Analogues by Tandem Tudor Domain Protein Spindlin1

Journal article

Porzberg MRB. et al, (2022), Molecules, 27, 983 - 983

First-in-Class Inhibitors of the Ribosomal Oxygenase MINA53.

Journal article

Nowak RP. et al, (2021), J med chem

Neuropeptide S receptor 1 is a nonhormonal treatment target in endometriosis.

Journal article

Tapmeier TT. et al, (2021), Sci transl med, 13

AF10 (MLLT10) prevents somatic cell reprogramming through regulation of DOT1L-mediated H3K79 methylation.

Journal article

Uğurlu-Çimen D. et al, (2021), Epigenetics chromatin, 14

Lysine Demethylase 5A is Required for MYC Driven Transcription in Multiple Myeloma.

Journal article

Ohguchi H. et al, (2021), Cancer discov, 2, 370 - 387

Nanopore sequencing of single-cell transcriptomes with scCOLOR-seq.

Journal article

Philpott M. et al, (2021), Nat biotechnol

The Prolyl-tRNA Synthetase Inhibitor Halofuginone Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Infection.

Journal article

Sandoval DR. et al, (2021), Biorxiv

Dissecting the Role of BET Bromodomain Proteins BRD2 and BRD4 in Human NK Cell Function.

Journal article

Cribbs AP. et al, (2021), Front immunol, 12

Inhibition of Histone H3K27 Demethylases Inactivates Brachyury (TBXT) and Promotes Chordoma Cell Death.

Journal article

Cottone L. et al, (2020), Cancer res, 80, 4540 - 4551

Advances and challenges in epigenomic single-cell sequencing applications.

Journal article

Philpott M. et al, (2020), Curr opin chem biol, 57, 17 - 26

GGPS1 Mutations Cause Muscular Dystrophy/Hearing Loss/Ovarian Insufficiency Syndrome.

Journal article

Foley AR. et al, (2020), Ann neurol, 88, 332 - 347

Histone H3K27me3 demethylases regulate human Th17 cell development and effector functions by impacting on metabolism.

Journal article

Cribbs AP. et al, (2020), Proc natl acad sci u s a, 117, 6056 - 6066

Neuropeptide S Receptor 1 is a Novel Non-Hormonal Treatment Target in Endometriosis.

Conference paper

Tapmeier TT. et al, (2020), Reproductive sciences, 27, 130A - 130A

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