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Single-cell eQTL models reveal dynamic T cell state dependence of disease loci

Journal article

Nathan A. et al, (2022), Nature, 606, 120 - 128

HLA autoimmune risk alleles restrict the hypervariable region of T cell receptors

Journal article

Ishigaki K. et al, (2022), Nature genetics, 54, 393 - 402

Accurate imputation of human leukocyte antigens with CookHLA

Journal article

Cook S. et al, (2021), Nature communications, 12

A sex-specific evolutionary interaction between ADCY9 and CETP.

Journal article

Gamache I. et al, (2021), Elife, 10

HATK: HLA analysis toolkit.

Journal article

Choi W. et al, (2021), Bioinformatics, 37, 416 - 418

OUP accepted manuscript

Journal article

(2021), Human molecular genetics

Genome-wide Study Identifies Association between HLA-B∗55:01 and Self-Reported Penicillin Allergy.

Journal article

Krebs K. et al, (2020), Am j hum genet, 107, 612 - 621

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