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(Musculoskeletal Injury: fragility fracture of the lower limb and pelvis)

Elderly man sitting in a wheelchair in a clinical setting.© Fotoluminate LLC/Shutterstock


What is the Broken Bones in Older People Priority Setting Partnership?

Our Priority Setting Partnership brings together all those involved and affected by broken bones in the leg, anywhere from the pelvis to the feet, to prioritise the top 10 research uncertainties.

We are asking patients, their relatives and healthcare professionals for the questions they want answered by research. We want your views to guide research and to help us improve the care for patients who suffer broken bones in older people (i.e. over 60 years of age). We want you to have a voice in shaping the next generation of research advances in this area.  

National Survey

The national surveys have now been completed.

What will we do with your questions?

We will collect your survey responses and use them to produce a list of priority research topics. We then ask patients, their relatives and healthcare professionals which of these are the most important. We will then tell the people who fund research what the questions are that need to be answered.