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Planned Operations for Children (0-16 years old) with Orthopaedic Conditions affecting the Lower Limb from hips to toes.

The Paediatric Lower Limb Surgery group is proud to report that through your help our initial survey collected an impressive 964 questions over a period of 9 weeks in the early months of 2018. All of your questions have been thoroughly examined by the members of our steering group (made of parents, patients, and all categories of healthcare professionals) and have been refined to a final 76 research questions.

The steering group, helped and supported by patient charities and healthcare services, worked towards prioritising these questions to bring to our final workshop on November 17th. We have now coined the top 10 research priorities in paediatric lower limb orthopaedics. The final outcome can be found below and on the page dedicated to the project on the James Lind Alliance website.


 James Lind Alliance Paediatric Lower Limb Surgery Priorites Setting Partnership.jpg           Our top-10 research priorities.jpg



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