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  • Battle through Oxford traffic to get to work
  • But first…coffee!
  • Log on and check/reply to emails
  • Review calendar and create to do list


  • Organise and post/email patient follow-up questionnaires


  • Catch up on SOP training
  • Check trial calendar for monthly central monitoring tasks e.g. delegation log requests/review; drug accountability
  • Answer phone call from site Research Nurse about a potential SAE. Follow up with Chief Investigator for clinical advice. Relay advice to site and remind them of reporting timelines.


  • More coffee and a healthy mid-morning snack (x3 Chocolate Hobnobs).


  • Create a Doodle Poll to send to the Data Safety Monitoring Committee. Await results.
  • Create agenda for Trial Management Group meeting next week and circulate to attendees.
  • Begin creating Investigator Site Files for future Site Initiation Visits.


  • Just before lunch organise office activity, this week: The Great British Bake Off Sweepstake. Rule: if your baker is eliminated, the following week you have to bake the bake your baker baked (and bring it into the office).


  • Lunchtime!
  • Gather in the communal area with colleagues.
  • Post-lunch Chocolate Hobnob.


  • Data Management meeting. Today’s agenda: status of data entry and site queries; upcoming changes to the database; preparations for upcoming data lock.


  • Make a peppermint tea (sadly, no Chocolate Hobnobs left).
  • Catch up on emails received during Data Management meeting.
  • Update Data Management Plan according to what was discussed in meeting.


  • Finish Investigator Site Files.
  • Collect the post and log anything received.
  • Check calendar and create to do list for tomorrow.


  • Office quote of the week: *sadly, not appropriate for public viewing!*
  • Home time