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I am sure I am not the only one that has felt isolated at times during the last year. Some of us are currently living with our partners, families, friends; and some of us are living by ourselves. Regardless of your situation, it is very important to stay in touch with your colleagues in order to keep you connected, motivated, and, more importantly, sane! 😉

Here are some tips that have helped me during lockdown:

  • Schedule weekly or daily calls with your colleagues: teams, zoom, skype… we are very lucky to have all these tools nowadays. Has there ever been an easier time to be in lockdown than the 21st century?
  • Don’t always rely on emails: sure, sometimes is easy to communicate via email. But we are missing something by not being face-to-face with our team… pick up the phone, or even better, call your colleague using a video call – this will feel more personal!
  • Use a messaging app with your team where you can communicate quickly: Teams or WhatsApp are great for this. Use it even if it is just to say “Good morning! 😊”. I started working in SITU during lockdown and the Trial Management Forum has helped me feel part of the team and it’s a great source of knowledge!
  • Schedule social calls: make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and get to know your colleges on a social level: talk about the last movies or series you have watched on Netflix, or what are the things you are doing to keep yourselves busy during the lockdown.
  • Join a virtual workout or go for a walk with your colleagues if you live close by. It will help you to stay connected and active.