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Alex Zimmermann

BSc (Hons); MSc Medical Statistics

OCTRU Medical Statistician

I am a medical statistician currently working in a range of randomised controlled trials predominantly relating to critical care, trauma, rehabilitation, and surgical interventions. Presently, I am the trial statistician for UNDER, CRAFFT, WHiTE11-FRUITI, and ENDONET trials. I also contribute as the statistician on the BOSS trial which aims to determine if more frequent monitoring of Barrett’s oesophagus patients improves patient outcomes.

In a previous role as a biostatistician, I worked in oncology trials for leukaemia, breast, and skin cancer, and contributed to a paper concerning the efficacy of blinatumomab in patients with relapsed/refractory B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. I was also involved with various statistical methods which dealt with deviations from the common treatment effect assumption (namely Rank preserving structural failure time models, inverse probability of censoring weights, and two-stage estimation.)

I completed an MSc in Medical statistics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 2023. My research project focused on modelling, in the relative survival framework, the excess hazard rate of death due to leukaemia alone and highlighting the differences in net survival between treatment regimens, geographical regions, and deprivation. I have a Mathematics and Statistics undergraduate degree from the University of Bath.

I enjoy the variety of team members I work with in clinical trials as well as the multidisciplinary aspect of my role.