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Alexandra Efstathiou

Laboratory Research Technician - Centre for Translational Myeloma Research

I joined Botnar research centre in July 2019 to work in the field of immunoncology. My role is to employ a combination of genomics, proteomics and computational biology in order to understand the development of myeloma drug resistance. 

Before joining the group, I used to work on lentiviral vectors in a biotech company here in Oxford. Previously, I participated in two research projects, one of which was in the university of Oslo, studying membrane trafficking of ErbB receptors in cellular models of carcinogenesis. The other was under my master's program (Biological technology) in the university of Patras where I studied proteasome expression and activity in MDS patients. Earlier in my career, I worked as a laboratory technician in haematology and pathology laboratories of university hospitals.