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Anushka Soni


Clinical Research Fellow

Mechanisms of pain in arthritis


I am a Rheumatologist with a research interest in musculoskeletal pain mechanisms. During my DPhil, I studied the impact of abnormal central pain processing in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. I showed a relationship between the presence of neuropathic pain and central sensitization pre-operatively, and that this modified the patient’s response to knee replacement surgery. Moving forwards, my work will use a combination of techniques, including neuroimaging and clinical pain quantification, to investigate pain related predictors of response to treatment in inflammatory arthritis. 


I completed my medical degree at Magdalen College, Oxford in 2003 having obtained a BA Hons (Cantab) in Natural Sciences in 2000. I then completed my general medical training at the Oxford Deanery and moved to the North London Deanery in 2007 to commence my specialist training in Rheumatology. I returned to the Oxford Deanery in 2008 and took up a Clinical lecturer post in 2009. During my specialist training I secured an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship in order to complete a DPhil (Oxon) entitled “Pain Characterisation in Osteoarthritis”. I have now completed my specialist training in Rheumatology and have been awarded a four-year Oxford-UCB Prize fellowship, which I started in September 2017, to advance and translate my work on pain mechanisms to inflammatory arthritis.